Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut Review PC

We take a look at the recently released Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut which is available now for consoles and PC. This latest DLC add-on (which requires the base game to work) will set you back £11.99 which you can part with now or wait for a sale. We put the

Borderlands 3 Directors Cut Trailer

2K Games/Gearbox released the Borderlands 3 Directors Cut for consoles and PC platforms. Ultimate Edition and Season Pass 2 owners will get the standalone game at no added cost. The Director’s Cut includes a colossal Varkid raid boss named Hemovorous the Invincible, as well as an interplanetary murder mystery. You’ll

Borderlands 2 Free Weekender starts now

Gamers looking to sample Gearbox’s colourful first person shooter Borderlands 2 can now jump in for FREE with the game being heavily discounted until the 25th of August (up to 75% off), that’s unless you complete it between now and then. This is a good way to experience the full

Battleborn Announcement Trailer

2K Games released a new announcement trailer for their forthcoming PC, XBox One and PS4 hero shooter Battleborn which is being developed by Borderlands creators Gearbox Studios. Take a look at the trailer and then head on over to the official website or keep tabs on Gameinformer for more details. About