Gamedec – Accolades Trailer & Major Update

Anshar Studios today announced that their Cyberpunk themed adventure game entitled, Gamedec will get a new demo releasing on November 24th alongside additional content and gamepad support for the full game. Take a look at the accolades trailer as well. The game will also have 20% OFF sale price on

Gamedec Review PC – No Spoilers (Video & Text)

Anshar Studios released their isometric cyberpunk-themed role playing game on PC (soon to be on Switch) Gamedec. You play as a detective who investigates crimes within virtual worlds. Gamedec comes from the mind of Polish author, Marcin PrzybyƂek who released a book of the same name back in 2004. Now

Gamedec – Launch Trailer

Anshar Studios’ cyberpunk themed role playing game GAMEDEC releases tomorrow. To get you in the adventuring mood, here is the official launch trailer. You can grab the game on PC via Steam, GOG, EPIC. You are the sum of your choices. Remember that!

Gamedec Gameplay 4K – (Full Game)

We take a look at the opening case and second case from Anshar Studios cyberpunk themed, isometric adaptive RPG Gamedec which releases this week on PC via Steam, GoG, Epic from September 16th (Switch version releases at a later date). There are many ways to tackle each case, so don’t

Gamedec Mechanics Onboarding – Deduction

The latest Gamedec video from Anshar Studios takes a look at the deduction mechanic which players need to be careful with as there is no going back once your choices are made. Better be sure you have all the evidence and details first then. Gamedec is an isometric cyberpunk themed

Gamedec Mechanics Onboarding – Character Creation

Anshar Studios present a look at character creation in their soon to be released isometric, cyberpunk RPG, Gamedec which launches on September 16th. You can wishlist the game via Steam. Gamedec is a single-player cyberpunk isometric RPG. You are a game detective, who solves crimes inside virtual worlds. Use your

Gamedec – Narrative Branching Trailer

Anshar Studios post their latest Gamedec trailer which looks at the branching pathways of the game’s narrative. You are the sum of your choices. Interestingly, the video showcases for the first time we believe the different male and female characters you can select at the start of the game.