Fighter Within

Fighter Within launch trailer

Hot on the heels of its predecessor Fighters Uncaged, it’s round 2 for Ubisoft as Kinect 2 comes into operation and looks set to be far more responsive which will hopefully mean Fighter Within plays as it is intended. Take a look at the Fighter Within launch trailer and get

Fighter Within – Inside the Game Trailer

Ubisoft released a rather interesting Fighter Within trailer which attempts to convey the basics of the Kinect 2 powered game releasing at launch for the Xbox One.  Having already attempted a similar game with Fighters Uncaged on Xbox 360, it will be interesting to see how this one pans out

Fighter Within gameplay trailer

Ubisoft has just released a new Fighter Within gameplay trailer for their Kinect based fighting game which launches on November 22nd with the Xbox One. Whilst looking good, the trailer doesn’t show actual gameplay, but does show off the cool looking combatants using the game engine. ┬áTake a look, and

Fighter Within trailer

Ubisoft already attempted to get full body fighting using Kinect in the rather poor Fighters Uncaged and now it seems with better hardware in Kinect 2, the realization of their game should be much better. Take a look at the Fighter Within trailer and screenshots which shows little but says