Fantasy Strike

Fantasy Strike Now Free-to-play

The cool fighting game Fantasy Strike from Sirlin Games has now become a free-to-play title on PC via Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Take a look at the trailer which also introduces two new characters. Fantasy Strike rewards those who previously purchased the game with a founder’s pack which contains

Fantasy Strike Review PC

Pseudo 3D fighter Fantasy Strike releases on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch and boasts a different take to conventional beat-em-ups. Its creator Sirlin Games suggests that removing some of the barriers which prevent ease of access to newcomer players brings forth an entirely different fighting experience. There’s less to learn

Fantasy Strike 4K Gameplay

Take a look at some Fantasy Strike 4K Gameplay from the PC pre-alpha build captured from the open weekender which ends tomorrow. You might just be able to catch the last moments of it. For more details check the official blog here. Fantasy Strike is planned for PC, Mac and

Fantasy Strike fighting game Open Play Weekend

Sirlin Games has announced that a pre-alpha build of Fantasy Strike, the accessible fighting game for everyone from beginners to fighting game pros, will be available for free this weekend. Fantasy Strike will launch for PS4, Windows, Mac and Linux in late 2018. The free period will take place worldwide

Fantasy Strike Needs Your Help

Fantasy Strike which has been in Development for Two Years has launched a crowd-funding campaign on Fig, accepting up to $500,000 in investment. The game aims to launch in 2018 on PS4 and PC. Sirlin Games, led by Street Fighter HD Remix lead developer David Sirlin, wants to break down