Fable recreated in Project Spark

One mighty talented user who is participating in the Windows 8.1 Beta test has posted a video which shows off a recreated opening mission of Fable using Project Spark assets. It’s looks really good and highlights the possibilities of the game. The Beta will extend to Xbox One next month.

Fable HD first screenshot?

Lionhead Studios posted a teaser video for what looks like a remake of the original Fable which started out on the first Xbox console and became a classic. We’re hoping for more than a HD makeover and would like there to be some extra content thrown in beyond, The Lost

Is this the best looking Kinect only game

It’s generally accepted that most Kinect only games have lower budgets than the Halos and Gears of War of this world, and has often meant below average graphics (possibly due to the extra processing required for the Kinect device).  However, it seems those games granted a bit more of a