Dying Light

Dying Light meets Left 4 Dead 2 in Crossover Event

Starting from today Dying Light gets a Left 4 Dead crossover event. Take a look at the trailer before basking in the details. Techland and Valve have teamed up for a homage to the critically acclaimed cooperative first person-shooter,  Left 4 Dead 2, by creating a 4 day crossover event

Dying Light Custom Map – Harran The Ride

Dying Light fans will be pleased to learn that some new user created content is available now in the form of a Dying Light custom map entitled “Harran The Ride” created by user Cabozzl using the Dying Light dev creator tools. Take a look at the video to get the

Dying Light Enhanced Edition Reveal Trailer

Techland will be updating its zombie survival game Dying Light next year not only with “The Following” expansion but also a Dying Light Enhanced Edition that includes all the current DLC and visual/gameplay improvements. Take a look at the trailer and be pleased to learn existing owners will get the

Dying Light Developer Tools Are now Live

Techland has today announced that its zombie survival game Dying Light has just received some developer tools enabling users the chance to create their own quarantine zones, custom maps and stories. User creations can then be shared to the wider community via Steam. Techland are planning to keep updating the

Dying Light Video Review

Today we take a look at Techland’s open world parkour based zombie survival game Dying Light. The game has been available for some time via digital means, and recently hit retail for PC and console gamers. The game fuses a heady mix of combat with fast paced actions where players