Bullet Girls 2 Gameplay Trailer

D3 Publisher just released a new Bullet Girls 2 gameplay trailer which shows off more of the action gameplay on the PS Vita. Sadly this isn’t coming to western shores which means if you want in you’ll have to import through websites such as Play-Asia.com. Contrary to what the image

Ben 10 Omniverse 2 gets new screenshots

Namco Bandai Games released a batch of new screenshots from their forthcoming Ben 10 Omniverse 2 which is coming to current gen consoles on November 22nd. The screenshots depict various characters including the following: Frog Commando РThese melee enemies are basic foot soldiers that attack using arm blades. If you

Earth Defense Force 2025 screenshots

Namco Bandai Games/D3 has released a selection of screenshots from its forthcoming alien busting tongue in cheek action game, Earth Defense Force 2025 which releases in February 2014 on Xbox 360 and PS3. The Story! The Earth Defense Force, a unified multinational military sponsored by nearly every country, is founded after

Rise of the Guardians box art and images

Namco Bandai released the final boxart for their movie tie in video game based on the Rise of the Guardians animated movie of the same name. We’ve also included a handful of screenshots showing various elements of this action packed adventure game. Rise of the Guardians releases on the 23rd

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard review

Matt Hazard appeared during the 8 bit days as an iconic no-nonsense wise cracking hero…or so they say. Pretty typical considering most games feature either the sassy buxom female lead or the muscle bound male who could crack walnuts with his biceps. Since his arrival in 1989 we’ve had a

Dark Sector review

Digital Extremes has been responsible for some good games over the years, what with the Unreal games on various systems as well as the highly ambitious and somewhat over critically reviewed Pariah on Xbox. Well Dark Sector is the team’s latest creation and features a special ops character called Hayden

Earth Defense Force 2017 review

Earth is under attack once again from mysterious alien life forms who have travelled the universe to destroy everything human on the planet. There is no convoluted attempt at negotiation and the reality is either kill or be killed. The EDF (Earth Defence Force) was established to counter this attack