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School Girl/Zombie Hunter Out Now

D3 Publisher/Tamsoft’s School Girl/Zombie Hunter is available now via Steam with a 30% launch week discount (£21.69). Lose the clothes, save your life! The survival story of 5 high school girls set in the world of “Onechanbara”. SG/ZH is a FPS game where the story takes place at “Kirisaki High

School Girl Zombie Hunter Trailer

Schoolgirls fight for their lives in this action shooter. Set in a school that has suddenly been overrun by zombies and cut off from the outside world, five schoolgirls fight for their lives in this action shooter which takes place in a similar setting to the popular Onechanbara series. The

Bullet Girls 2 Announced

D3 Publisher has announced a sequel to its gun toting Bullet Girls game on the PS Vita with the aptly named Bullet Girls 2 which will be released in Japan only in 2016. Take a look at the trailer and if you want more details then head on over to

Rise of the Guardians video review

We take a look at the recently released Rise of the Guardians which aims to provide some light hearted gameplay for younger gamers. D3 Publisher’s movie tie in game takes a leaf from action RPGs such as Balder’s Gate, but is the outing worthwhile for younger gamers. Take a look