Bloodsports TV Review

Bloodsports TV comes courtesy of Toadman Interactive and Fatshark and is available on Steam for under £6. The game offers some tower defence style strategic play and is viable for solo players and up to five players in online co-op. With so many tower defence games on the market is

Bloodsports TV Gameplay Video

Bloodsports TV is coming to Steam on the 30th of March and offers some post apocalyptic style gladiatorial tower defence strategic action for just under £6. For those familiar with the genre, this is an interesting prospect especially if you’ve got some friends to team up with. We’ve put the

Bloodsports.TV Gameplay Trailer

Toadman Interactive and publisher Fatshark has released a new alive and kicking Bloodsports.TV gameplay trailer for their forthcoming top down action co-op style shooter which will be available via Steam from the 30th of March. If you head on over to the Steam store page now you can enjoy a