The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video review

We take a look at Activision’s movie tie in game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which is available now across last and current gen systems and PC. With developer Beenox at the helm and this being their latest in a long line of Spider-Man games, how well does it fare, and

Spider-Man 2 appears on US Xbox One Store

It was recently suggested that the Xbox One version of Beenox’s movie tie in game Spider-Man 2 would not be appearing on the Xbox One and was indefinitely delayed. Today it appears the game is in fact available on the US Xbox One Marketplace for $59.99. It has also been

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 reveal trailer

Activision and Beenox released a reveal trailer for the all new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and last gen systems this Spring. Take a look at the much improved gameplay compared to previous Spider-Man games and be prepared to tackle the menaces and trials

The Amazing Spider-Man video review

We return once more to Manhattan where Spider-Man swings and punches his way through loads of robots and weird experimental creatures in Activision’s latest game based around the movie release. Is this spidey’s best effort?     8/10

Monsters Vs. Aliens review

Monsters vs. Aliens is yet another movie tie in game to appear under the watchful eye of Activision and with the movie’s March/April release means that most animated movie fans should have an opportunity to watch it before playing the game. Although that said, I don’t think you’d have ruined