Soul Calibur 6 Create Character Mode Female/Male Options

Take a look at these videos which look extensively at the options available in the Soul Calibur 6 create character mode. We showcase the female and male options as well as some other entities players can mess around with such as skeletons, lizards and more. We also take Sophitia for a spin and show the default characters customization.

Interestingly, players can swap around default gear, so Taki can sport Ivy’s looks for example. Whilst customization isn’t anything new for the series it does feel familiar here. Fans will also notice a number of reused assets which acts as plus and negative. On the positive side it means you can create past characters. There also seems to be a lack of unlockables, but more are no doubt added on completion of various aspects in the Libra of Souls mode.

Players can spend untold hours getting characters looks perfected, or can hit the randomise button for some interesting combinations. Some of the interface is a little fiddly, such as having to back-out to change an item. Colour edits are on a separate tab, but this isn’t a massive problem. Either way, customization is a fun mode and well worth checking out. Custom edits appear in other players games and used in other modes.

Soul Calibur 6 releases on consoles and PC on October 19th 2018.

Written by: Robert Cram

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