Sin VR Preview – VR Role Playing (NSFW)

Sin VR is an adult interactive VR experience for use with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or can be played in 2D via a monitor – more headsets are planned in the future such as Google Cardboard/Daydream and Gear VR. However, there’s much fun to be had playing in VR with motion controls. The premise is rather simple, as it’s not really a game per se, but you select one of 8 sexy ladies (more are being added) and then choose a location such as cave, dungeon, classroom or bedroom before getting into various sexual positions and well…yeh the rest is obvious. What’s neat is that each of the ladies has their own personality and whilst quite vocal (make sure you’re wearing headphones) you’ll hear some interesting demands which respond to your actions. That’s not to say the experience couldn’t be better because there is some room for improvement. For example there’s no option to reach a climax and come over the models (the male model can be seen or toggled off if desired). An option to change the speed would also work well. The menu is also a little fiddly especially when concerning height during a scene change and could have used one of the controller buttons to center it in front of you and hide when needed. Some more interactions with the ladies would be nice such as being able to spank whilst in doggy position and hands should replace the controller model that appears in VR for more immersion. Aside from these niggles which can easily be fixed this is a fun experience which offers quite some choice especially if you like a bit of bondage, or furries even. Having a demo available is good call as well but we found the entire library does make a nice complete package. Sin VR currently offers a subscription starting from $5 per month. Hopefully they will add a one time entry fee at some point for those who would rather make a single payment. You can check out their Patreon Page Here.

Written by: Sex Bot

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