She Will Punish Them – Gameplay Preview – Fan Service Action-Game Continues to Improve

L2 Games released a new update for their action game on Steam Early Access entitled, She Will Punish Them. The latest update offers more unlockables, achievements and the first signs of adult posing (which needs to be unlocked through play). We dive-in again with this video preview of version 0.920 which released on June 24th 2022.

A sensual dark fantasy ARPG. Customize a stunning succubus with great body details, together with your companions fight intense combats with challenging bosses to get sexy outfits and powerful equipment, and between battles, chill and interact with your fellow maidens at the palace designed by you.

Main Features & Adjustments

Added some adult content (poses, animations and furniture, need to unlock through achievements)

Polished achievements (with better rewards, usually lingerie and furniture)

Cancelled the lingerie set merchant(merged this feature with achievement system)
Added a feature for companions to automatically pickup gold and potions.
All interact-able furniture will be marked with an icon in the building list.
Added a toggle to don’t bring minions into combat.
Added a button to reset skill points (gold required)
Added a few new lingerie.
Modified dual wielding and great sword special attack.
Reduced rage accumulation speed.
Added facial expression (automatically applied to certain poses)

Major Bug Fixes

Loading rings and necklaces will give you the wrong stats.
After load the game enemy controlled cities will be yours once you enter the battle.
Many map related bugs are fixed.
Rage can be interrupt by blocking.
A series of bugs related to the building mode.
Many UI related bugs, for example misaligned fonts, overlapping UI elements, etc.
Merchants’ storage get refreshed every time you get home.

Written by: Rob Cram

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