Serellan talk patch 3 for Takedown Red Sabre

Serellan’s tactical shooter has come under fire for being released in an incomplete state, but it seems the small development studio is working hard on addressing some of the issues gamers have had with the game since it launched on Steam recently. What is perhaps interesting to note for any would be owners is how committed the team are to fix the game as this will be the third update in just a few weeks. console gamers should also take note that these issues are being looked at prior to the Xbox and PS3 versions going live. You can read the intended fixes for patch number 3 below.

takedown red sabre 2


We are continuing to review issues as they are reported in the forums, social media, and the technical support channels. For all of the outstanding support, patience, and meticulous reproduction steps provided by you all, we are especially grateful. This information has been crucial in helping us identify and implement fixes quickly.

Below is a list of our anticipated fixes in the upcoming patch.
Steam/UE3 Authentication Updates to improve connectivity

  • You will no longer required to be logged into Steam to save your profile settings
  • Provided a suppressor to Squad Mate #3 – based on forum feedback
  • When playing against someone who has not yet installed a patch (or if you haven’t installed the latest available patch yourself), you should now have a more accurate message (instead of referencing a “downloadable content” mismatch)
  • Many doors have been closed in various locations – based on forum feedback
  • HQ Alley: host should no longer spawn next to the Defender
  • UI will no longer show incorrect player counts in Last Man Standing
  • In Radar Base in Last Man Standing game mode, missing doors have been fixed
  • Steam language selection should now function correctly with TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre
  • Updated several mis-translations in the Spanish version – based on forum feedback
  • Added audio indicators (beeps) to bombs in Att/Def to more easily locate them – based on forum feedback

Written by: Rob Cram

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