Secret Ponchos : Most Wanted Edition Launch Trailer

Switchblade Monkeys announced the official launch of their western based shooter Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted which comes to Steam having previously had success on consoles and been in Early Access for a while. The game is yours for just £10.99 and to mark the launch a new trailer to whet the appetite has been released.

About Secret Ponchos:

Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted is a competitive multiplayer chimera: at its core it is a highly precise and mechanically tight fighting game, but it also incorporates elements of MOBAs and team-based shooters, swathing them all in a gorgeous, impressionistic art style to create hair-trigger action that is both strategic and stylish. The game’s gunplay is as quick and ruthless as its cast of characters; there’s no auto-aiming or target locking, so every shot is a skill shot, and players will need to keep careful tabs on their stamina and ammo throughout every firefight.

The game features ten different outlaws, each with his or her own motivations, movement style, and unique powers. Because Switchblade Monkeys is a studio founded by artists and driven by artistic vision, each character’s motions are animated individually to suit their personality and combat style: from the Matador’s sweeping, showy stances to the Wolf’s feral, loping prowl to Gordo’s solid, heavy-set swagger.

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