Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers trailer and screenshots

Namco Bandai Games released a new Golden Pre-Order trailer and some new screenshots which reveal the character Athena. In addition they also revealed pertinent details regarding the game’s Cosmic Orbs which allow gamers the choice of customizing their character in the forthcoming Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers for PS3. The game releases on November 22nd.

Cosmic Orb details:

This new feature will allow all players to customize their favourite character! Different kinds of Orbs will be available: Bronze for Bronze Saints, Silver for Silver Saints, Gold for Gold Saints, Blue for Poseidon’s Marinas, Purple for Hades’ Specters, Green for Gods and White for all Characters. Those orbs will allow gamers to enhance up to 8 characteristics (per set of Orbs) of their preferred Soldier.Players are also able to use their customized Saints to battle with their friends in both offline and online modes!

Exclusive and limited Orbs will be available weekly via!


SAGA, POSEIDON and HADES all have a common point: the grand-daughter of Mitsumada Kido: ATHENA (Saori). On top of being the president of the KIDO foundation, her positive Cosmos and her keen personality always helped her friends. Through all the humongous battles, Saori and her SAINTS fought admirably and showed great strength.  Take a first look at ATHENA in her battle outfit!

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