RENDEZVOUS Announcement Trailer

Enter the 2D Indonesian cyberpunk world in RENDEZVOUS developed by Pendopo Creations. The game comes to PC via Steam from April 11th.

Travel to 2064 and the seedy cyber-noir cities Neo-Surbaya and Bay City as Setyo, a former criminal now living a mundane life as a security technician. After learning his sister works for one of the most dangerous cyber runner groups in Neo-Surbaya, Setyo must face his dark past to save her from following in his footsteps and recover what’s left of their family.

Explore the underbelly of a world in flux, whose people try to keep pace with problematic advancements in technology. Witness cultural clashes as the last remnants of the old world crash into a brutal and unforgiving future. Face merciless thugs and callous cyberrunner gangs, visit crooked cybernetic workshops using cannibalized parts, and speak with citizens for clues about Setyo’s missing sister.

Tap into Setyo’s past as a criminal to gather clues, uncover long hidden secrets, and solve challenging puzzles. Collect an arsenal of weapons from conventional firearms to improvised objects to take down barbarous enemies, or opt for stealth, sneaking past foes to avoid bloodshed.

Traverse multiple paths leading to powerful items, hidden objects of interest, and robust tools as Setyo searches for his sister and a path to redemption. Enjoy an emotional cyberpunk adventure stylized with gorgeous 2D hand-drawn pixel art in a 2.5D world meshed with modern dynamic lighting to bring depth and life to the city around Setyo.

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