Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER – Gameplay Trailer – Coming Summer 2023

Take a look at this funky trailer for Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER the narrative point-and-click adventure from developer MidBoss. The game (a sequel to the 2.3 million selling 2064: Read Only Memories) comes to consoles and PC this Summer. Play the standalone demo on Steam here.

Return to Neo San Francisco as ES88, a psychic detective utilizing the mind-reading amplification abilities of a bioengineered creature known as a Neurodiver. Explore the corrupted memories of the city’s residents while pursuing a rogue esper known as the Golden Butterfly.

Reunite with the diverse cast of beloved LGBTQ+ characters from 2064: Read Only Memories. Experience a dynamic story by Sina Grace (DC’s Iceman, Image Comics The Walking Dead, IDW Read Only Memories), and writing by Samantha Ortiz (Neon White, Comunicación).

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