The Old City Leviathan Gameplay Video

PostMod Softworks are planning to release their first person adventure, The Old City Leviathan on December 1st via Steam and presents a game laying host to a distinctive narrative presence and dreamlike locations set within surreal surroundings. The game requires players to jump in and simply explore the lush environments to uncover its mysteries, and although somewhat slow paced to allow for the ambience and visual splendour to take hold of the player, there’s something relaxing about playing and uncovering something new. The developers have said, players can simply rush through from start to finish, but then they would be missing out on lots of finer details buried within its multiple pathways and dead ends. Having played the preview demo which includes a mere fraction of the game, for players who like intrigue and wonder in their games this is looking promising and we can’t wait to see where the full game takes us. PostMod describe their game as a combination of The Stanley Parable, Gone Home and Dear Ester, so if those games appealed to you then this is worth keeping an eye on. In the meantime, take a look at our 15 minutes of The Old City Leviathan gameplay video showcasing the opening chapters.

Written by: Rob Cram

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