Metal Gear Survive Gameplay – Metal Gear Fortnite?

Konami’s Metal Gear Survive gameplay in co-op shares many similarities with Epic Games’ Fortnite when you break down each action into basic components. Both games have you manage character upgrades, gain schematics to craft better gear, gather resources and build defenses against incoming waves of zombie like enemies of varying types. Whilst both games are pure fantasy, Metal Gear Survive opts for a more realistic look compared to Fortnite’s animated visuals. At a first glance it’s probably safe to say both games look menu heavy and a little complicated for the untrained eye, but…over time once there’s some understanding it all falls into place and becomes second nature.

In the case of Survive, when players jump into the just launched Beta there’s a wealth of stuff thrust into the player’s face making it a little overwhelming. By our reckoning though, give most players an hour and they will have come to grips with what’s required quite comfortably and that includes diving into the co-op game with three other players working together. Whilst Fortnite might seem more accessible to begin with, both games offer the same goal. Survive the storm! Take a look at our gameplay video from the Xbox One X Beta, showing just that, getting to grips with the menus, playing a quick solo game to get a feel, then jumping in to a multiplayer game. Fortnite is out now and has been for a while, whereas Metal Gear Survive releases Feb 20th. Take your pick.

Written by: Rob Cram

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