Iron Guardian: Jam Trailer – Cyberpunk Mecha Game made in 10 days!

Take a look at this new game that was made in just 10 days entitled, Iron Guardian – a cyberpunk themed exploration third person game. You can download the demo from ITCH.IO.

About the game:

In IRON GUARDIAN you play a street kid in a dystopian mega city in the future. Your dream is to leave the city, but all sectors are controlled by soldiers who won’t let you through. With the help of a gigantic mecha that you found in the abandoned underbelly of the city you would be able to get past them, but you need to repair him first. Rummage through the trash of the city to gather the resources to unlock new abilities of your robot friend that will help you to get to new areas and leave the sector. Punch through walls, jump over buildings and get out!

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