GTA V PC First Person Mode 60 FPS Gameplay Looks Mint

When Rockstar released the GTA V PC trailer running at 60 frames per second it was noticeable how much smoother the cinematics were during all of those fast moving scenes. However, now the game is in the wild and it’s clear the upgrade to 60 FPS has a massive improvement over the console 30 frame per second when using the new first person mode. On Xbox One and PS4 the mode whilst a great addition felt a bit sluggish, but that’s not the case here which has made waiting for the PC version all the more worthwhile – that’s if you’re preferring 60 over a more cinematic 30 FPS. Take a look at our GTA V PC first person mode 60 FPS gameplay video to get an idea of the difference those extra frames have on gameplay.

Written by: Robert Cram

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