Forspoken PC Gameplay 4K RTX 4090 [DEMO Version] – Dialogue humanises the character

In this video, we look at the opening moments of the Forspoken PC demo. We’re not sure we agree with some of the criticisms levelled at the main character and sentient bracelet speaking so often. This is also understanding the Japanese translation that lead character Frey is a New Yorker with plenty of “attitude”. This would explain some of the quips she makes (erm…constantly).

We think in cinema, literature and video-games, there is a overused and common narrative that normal person “A” gets given new powers and goes through a stage of learning coupled with acceptance before fully realising their gift. It seems Frey embraces her surrounding and powers with no immediate jarring consequences. That said, the remarks after and during every encounter does humanize the character in the sense that she is talking to her bracelet for some sort of companionship through her journey. We seeing nothing wrong with that per se, with the only annoyance hearing repeated phrases too frequently, rather than the dialogue itself.

In video games, there is a place for the silent protagonist. It’s obvious developer Luminous Productions wanted to fill those open-world moments with some content at the same time reflecting the character’s state of mind. You don’t really get to see much emotion with aforementioned silent type, or the character only speaking in cut-scenes. So, well-played Luminous for at least trying to think outside of the box much like High On Life. Although, in doing so, not everyone is going to like it. Forspoken does have many other issues that are much more worrying than the dialogue as things that need fixing. Alongside that very high (for a PC release) of £64.99.

Forspoken PC is already available on the PS5, and PC.

Written by: Rob Cram

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