Femdomination Review – Oculus Rift/HTC Vive

Finish developers Citor3 (that’s Erotic backwards) released its retail version of Femdomination, a VR or 2D fantasy experience aimed at male audiences for the Vive and Oculus Rift. As the name implies the onus is on female domination so when you start the show you’re at the mercy of the all female cast of characters. After a quick introduction scene which highlights the three modes of play which includes, Arousal, Experience and Developer you’re then able to select one of four scenes – Orientation, The Slave,The Chair, The Dungeon and a hub Temple area which connects you to each location – at this stage shows there’s room for extra content further down the line.


Let’s get things clear from the off, the experience is going to set you back $39 USD if purchased as a package and each scene is available for $15 each which to be frank is quite expensive given there’s just the four scenes and in light of the fact you can easily play other erotic games for far less. However, in defence of Femdomination’s pricing there’s some high production values especially in terms of the audio presence. As a VR experience it’s an assault on the senses as binaural beats make your head throb and the carefully crafted script which is delivered with perfection relaxes the mind and puts you in the centre of the scene. Whilst the scenes are relatively short you’ll see everything in a few hours play time, the idea is to come back and do it all over again with perhaps a different model. The Dungeon scene for example has slightly different endings and settings to discover such as two females in some instances. The Orientation opening hints at some loose story element but unfortunately any promise is short lived and doesn’t tie in with the rest of the game. Perhaps this is something that will be expanded in the future.


Another thing to be clear on here is there’s much room for improvement and we’re hoping Citor3 add some more content to prolong the play time so for example there are few customization options for the models where you can change skin tone, clothing options and hair style but these are quite limited at present. A few more choices could add some much needed longevity to the package especially in relation to the costumes and hair.

Looking at the modes of play and “Experience” mode has the female model dictate what’s happening to you whether that’s being teased whilst pinned down or cowgirl ridden or even engaging in a spot of cunnilingus. This is the core package, but the “Arousal” mode has an added level of interactivity where you can up the excitement from 1-5 which basically means you can linger on any one action and move it along at your own pace. Developer mode simply allows you to view each action at the touch of a button where you’re able to cycle through the animations at leisure.


In terms of visual quality the models look great with accurate proportions and movements (despite some minor clipping). However there’s a massive white elephant in the room which points towards the actual facial expressions of the models. Whilst there’s the odd smile, pursed lips and eye movement, the females appear more robotic than actual people – especially when engaging in sex. This is also not helped when in some instances what is being said feels like a voice-over rather than the spoken word as lips sometimes don’t move in relation to the audio. There’s a disconnect between model and audio which is a shame given the high quality of the dialogue.

Another element which seems to limit the experience is the fact the whole concept relies on female domination which means there’s no movement from the male character. This relates to limited positions which is a shame. Obviously with the male character in more dominating positions such as “doggy style” the whole female domination flavour is lost. This is something Citor3 need to be aware of although there are more fetish avenues to explore without losing the domineering aspects.


Femdomination is a neat VR experience which looks good and creates a soothing atmosphere to appreciate the female form with 3D models and real life video footage (albeit at rather low quality). Coupled with excellent imagery cast from giant stone models engaging in sexual activity enveloped by fitting music and audio bites you have a well-rounded package. The only downer is the price of entry which for some is going to be contentious given the limited replay value and lack of customization options. There’s certainly room for improvement with this product but it is a good start and shows what can be achieved when audio and visual elements are fused to create a bonded sexualized VR experience.

Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.