ExeKiller – Gameplay Reveal & reveal trailer

Looking good for a pre-alpha gameplay reveal of the PC/current gen console post-apocalyptic western themed, ExeKiller coming to PC via Steam from ParaDark Studio.

ExeKiller | Dev diary 02

First gameplay reveal

Howdy, partners! Long time no see, right?

Well, for us it’s been one hell of a ride. Since we last spoke, we’ve begun the transition to Unreal Engine 5. It’s not a walk in the park, but it’s a necessary step so that you can immerse yourself in the world of Exekiller the way it was always meant to be – graphically rich, smoothly running and, above all, bug-free. UE5 will help us do this faster and better, especially with new features such as nanite, lumen and so on.

We left you dry for a few months, but you were never forgotten. We have a treat for you – the latest gameplay from Exekiller’s scorched earth homeland,

We hope you will continue to give us that credit of trust, and we promise, it will be repaid with new updates or exctiting news.

See you soon!
Paradark team

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