Enslaved Graphics Fix video

Namco Bandai Games released their PC version of Enslaved Odyssey To The West which sadly does not contain any detailed options in-game to change the graphics setting. What’s more, the game uses some horrible motion blur which can really strain the eyes and make the game screen look like it’s been smeared with grease.  Thankfully, by looking through the config files and editing in Notepad, players can tweak the Enslaved graphics settings which greatly improves the appearance. Take a look at the Enslaved Graphics Fix video showing the game with the tweaks. The first video shows the game in its vanilla state.

Enslaved Graphics Fix:

To change the graphics settings, use the following:

Follow this path – User[your user name as it appears on your computer]/My Documents/My Games/Unreal Engine 3/Monkey Game/ Config/Monkey Engine.

Open the Monkey Engine file with Notepad then scroll down about two thirds to get to the System Settings.

Now change the following:



bSmoothFrameRate=False (might not find this).


Written by: Rob Cram

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