Drunk or Dead 2 gameplay preview Beta demo (VR Game)

Here we take a quick look at the Drunk or Dead 2 gameplay from the just released beta demo from 4 I Lab. The game releases fully for VR headsets from May 2024. In the meantime, you can Wishlist the game on Steam here. Be sure to also check out the official trailer to get more idea about the game’s additional modes and features.

ABOUT Drunk or Dead 2:

Immerse yourself in the virtual nightmare of Drunk or Dead 2, a post-apocalyptic VR world where you and your crew fight to survive against a nearly endless zombie horde with the help of a little booze and a whole truckload of high-powered guns. Getting smashed to stay sane is nothing new, but now it’s well justified!

A vicious zombie plague has spread across the world, and the only cure is alcohol. Protected by a killer hangover, chug what you’ve got and wade into the fray. Fend off hordes of undead as you stagger through the apocalypse, battling deadly bosses, collecting fun new weapons and hoarding every last drop of booze you can find. Explore, fight and party hard!

Drunk Of Dead 2 is a campaign-based VR adventure for up to four players (co-op), with plenty of opportunities to hang out, shop, chat and drink between battles. Life goes on, even through the end of the world. Explore the town, meet the locals, then pick from one of four classes and gear up for another round. This one’s on you!

Written by: Rob Cram

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