DmC Devil May Cry demon sex scene enrages fans

We posted up a DmC Devil May Cry demon sex scene video which shows off a rather tongue in cheek act between two demons but wasn’t prepared for the huge upset this would cause some fans of the game. In fact, to date, it’s probably one of our most hated videos resulting in numerous immature and foul language remarks. There seems to be a consensus amongst the DmC haters that the scene in question is terrible and simply shows developer, Ninja Theory has no grasp on what fans actually want from the soon to be released Devil May Cry reboot.

Sure, we can agree the sex scene might look a little out of context and is as cheesy as they come, but it’s by no means a catalyst for complete damnation of the game, or at least shouldn’t be. What perhaps is the most striking about the whole affair, aside from the fact that any website who supports  the game is supposedly in the back pocket of Capcom, is how one small and seemingly insignificant cut scene spells disaster for the entire game according to some viewers.  We might be exaggerating a little, as many will have also played the recently released demo on Xbox Live or PSN, but still, the sex scene for some has simply reinforced what was already entrenched into some peoples heads a long time ago when lead character Dante sported the new look.

Fans need to realize that if they cannibalize a game too much and sales bomb, the series they so vehemently love might just disappear entirely. What then?  Sure, fans have a right to moan about a game, and perhaps developers take things on board, but there’s a fine line between offering constructive criticism and moaning about the most trivial of things in the loudest of voices. Check out the video and either see the humour or be utterly disgusted. Reading the comments is optional, but you have been warned.

Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.

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  1. Massacred December 17, 2012 |

    No, wrong the series has sold many millions of copies. If just this one game bombed, they might consider going back to the Devil May Cry most actually want to see. It would be Devil May Cry 2 all over again. I mean really its just thing after thing with this game. You know why even use the Devil May Cry title, just call it something else entirely and leave Devil May Cry alone…

  2. Flamertard December 17, 2012 |

    I seriously doubt that if just one game from the seriers bombed they would stop making the series. Just look at things like Mega Man or Sonic or even Devil May Cry 2. Were not talking about a small series here either; Devil May Cry has sold something like 12 million units all together. So maybe, just maybe, they would finally stop with this crappy new direction and go back to making Devil May Cry great.

  3. ZZZZX December 17, 2012 |

    How about they just leave Devil May Cry alone and call this new game something else. Everyone wins.

  4. Tarnished December 17, 2012 |

    Yeah because thats what DMC was missing; a fat man fucking a melting barbie doll…

  5. Tarnished December 17, 2012 |


  6. Titanleverage December 17, 2012 |

    this is just adding to the reasons that I don’t want to play this game. First they make Dante a whiney little B*tch and now this ridiculousness. I mean time after time this game is proving itself to be abominable

  7. Tammy December 17, 2012 |

    Hopefully this will be the Quantum of Solace of Devil May Cry games, you know they one everyone pretends didn’t happen.

  8. Nhoj December 17, 2012 |

    i prefer the series just disappear ,because i know capcom will not give anything the fans ask for if this crap goes to top sales look at FF XIII

  9. dakan45 December 17, 2012 |



    Good, now that scene is freaking pointless. Why do people even bother design those things?

  10. Darkerthanblack December 17, 2012 |

    This is just sad pathetic attempt to garner a male teen audience along with making Dante a tween heart throbe to get the tween girls, seriously platinum games wtf, you had an awesome track record…. until now.

    • Truth December 17, 2012 |

      Platinum Games has NOTHING to do with this travesty. It is true that some Platinum staff used to work for Capcom and had roles creating the earlier (aka REAL) DMC games, but I must restate, Platinum is not involved in this one at all!

      This garbage, on the other hand, is brought to you by the highly overrated Ninja Theory and Capcom, a once great company.

      Please get it straight. Now you know the Truth.

  11. This is just sad, back to the drawing board Platinum. No one was even asking for this game. Hey here’s an idea we stop shiting on Devil May Cry and start a new game, that way all parties are happy. But no, of course not gotta use the DMC name cause its fairly well known…

    • NDen December 19, 2012 |

      This is all Ninja Theory.

      Platinum are the studio behind Metal Gear Rising and Anarchy Reigns.

  12. OINO December 17, 2012 |

    God damn Capcom, I really have a love hate relationship with you, 2008 you brought back Mega Man with 9 and even gave it a sequel 10. You brought MvC3 to a new generation and the gameplay was pretty sweet, you even added in many of the characters fans requested threw Ultimate. But it seems lately you have lost your way, no mega man, the dog turd that was RE6 and now this new DmC who NO ONE WAS ASKING FOR… once again faith has been lost. Do the right thing and leave DmC alone. I rather no new game come out than this be the future of Dmc

  13. Ali December 17, 2012 |

    companies loose their dignity and game value when they act desperate as such to gain attention through taboos.
    After all, such developers dnt get any respect and importance through old skool gamers who realy know how games should be through their experience.

  14. Donnie December 17, 2012 |

    “Fans need to realize that if they cannibalize a game too much and sales bomb, the series they so vehemently love might just disappear entirely. What then?”

    Well hopefully, they will listen to the fan base and create a game we are actually interested in. By the way did it ever occur to you that just because 1 game in a series bombs, they don’t get rid of the franchise… see Devil May Cry 2.

    • robertcram December 17, 2012 |

      Donnie, the stakes are much higher now in game development since DMC 2. Developers have to factor the wider audience now because sales are more important than just pleasing fans. I assume it would be very hard for a developer to approach Capcom after a failed game and say, “let’s try again” or worse, “let’s make a game that the minority of fans love” especially in today’s climate. Those founding days are over, it’s too expensive to develop mainstream games now, so publishers like Capcom won’t be prepared to fund projects that take too many risks or are niche. It’s easy for us gamers to think we know how it works and suggest a cool game based on the past, but the reality is no one is going to make that game unless they have an open cheque book handed to them.

      I mean, from what I can tell, a common complaint about DmC aside from the artistic direction seems to be towards the combat, but it’s obvious Ninja Theory have tailored the combat so mainstream gamers can still perform easy combos and feel cool doing so – perhaps at the expense of a more deeper system that hardcore fans would have preferred.

      Same with RE 6. Hardcore fans would no doubt have loved an entire game like RE 1,2 3 or 4 with awesome graphics and slow methodical gameplay, but the influx of casual gamers has meant a bespoke game that fuses a bit more accessibility into the mix. This is always going to annoy some fans. It’s happened with most game series that are still around today.

      • Ziggy the Biggie December 18, 2012 |

        After vehemently scrolling threw various pages and articles, I found my way here. And after reading this particular comment within a comment,(commentception) I felt an over-whelming urge to respond.

        Robertcram, you would of course be correct, in stating that if a game were to fail, it would be quite difficult for a developer to pitch a follow up, however The Devil May Cry franchise is just large enough (as of today: 12.66 million units -VG Chartz) that in reality, it is likely that Capcom would continue to utilize the franchise.

        Yet for some reason you believe it to be uncommon that critical acclaimed series have bad entries yet continue to this day. So, I would like to point you to a few games that have had done exactly that; Fallout, Xcom, Call of Duty, Sonic, Castlevania, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Zelda and Mario.

        [On a side note, if you believe that in order for a game to be successful it must change to accommodate causal players, how would you explain games like Street Fighter 4 and Megaman 9 & 10. All of these games are both difficult and stay true to their roots and what do they have in common? 1. They all sold extraordinary well 2. They were all published and developed by CAPCOM, which I would like to point out is the company you are claiming doesn’t have money to through around on niche project.]

        You also state that Devil May Cry is a niche game, now obviously that depends on your personal definition of niche, but I don’t think I can classify Devil May Cry as niche, sure its hasn’t sold like call of duty, but games like Journey or Audiosurf are niche, not Devil May cry.

        You proceed to explain that developers are not prepared to take as many risks as they once were. So I ask: What would be more risky; developing a game in sync with what the developer has done up until now or rebooting the franchise entirely? Perhaps this might be a more sound argument if one were arguing why the Call of Duty franchise has not changed much during the past 5 years.

        Also, you seem to believe that some how the Dante that has existed not just this past year (a la Marvel vs Capcom 3) is something of a relic of the past.

        Finally, you have stated that most games need to adequate themselves with the more casual players in order for them to remain relevant. But you fail to explain why we cannot just have both; why not rather than annoying a certain sect of the fans, they give this game a new title and a new audience, allowing the developer to fully flourish in any ideas that it may or may not have considered adding into the game because of its pre existing cannon. It may not have the brand recognition that the original title had, but hey neither did Assassins creed at the beginning of this generation and now its sold upwards of three times that of Devil May Cry’s sales.

        • robertcram December 18, 2012 |

          There are also many critically acclaimed series that have fallen along the wayside so the argument does hold true in some cases. I remember one of the ex Rare guys talking in an interview recently about a number of games that were pitched to Microsoft and were simply disregarded. It happens, and could happen if the sales don’t add up. However, I do understand where you’re coming from and that it would be easier to revitalize an established franchise, but nothing is guaranteed.

          As for Street Fighter, that has certainly been changed to accommodate casual players with one button supers or easy inputs being included in a number of games. I’ve not said Capcom doesn’t have the money either, but might be reluctant to keep on pumping resources into something that could possibly not provide them the returns they are after. I didn’t specifically state that DMC was niche either, but it could be if it was tailored to suit long term fans only.

          Finally, you have stated that most games need to adequate themselves with the more casual players in order for them to remain relevant.

          I’m not sure “relevant” is the right word to use, as we get back to sales once more – I think it’s more a necessity. If there are 10 million potential consumers and 1 million fans, why ignore the 9 million to please the 1 million? I certainly believe this is the state of modern gaming.

          I agree in a perfect world we’d have games that address casual audiences and long term fans, but I don’t think this marriage is an easy one for developers.

          • Jax December 18, 2012 |

            We’ll, I’d love to reply to this comment, but your severs continually send me to “Cannot retrieve the password from Spamfree word press”, if I write anything more than a paragraph.

          • robertcram December 18, 2012 |

            Apologies, don’t know what to do to fix this, the team of gophers aren’t working. I know it’s a pain but have you tried breaking your post up into several posts?

      • Marlyn December 18, 2012 |

        If I may, I’d like to point out that both Resident Evil 2, 3, 4 and 5 have sold better with 4 and 5 selling almost twice as fast in the same period that Resident Evil 6 has.

        • Bob December 18, 2012 |

          The biggest problem with Resident Evil 6 it’s that the game is not even a great shooter, I really wish that Capcom had never made RE6.

          This DmC is not as bad as everyone says (gameplay at least) but it looks like an average hack and slash game which is very sad considering the franchise history.

          Honestly I’d rather see franchises dying than becoming as generic as they are turning into.

          • Kit2 December 18, 2012 |

            Sir, your argument makes no sense. Let me ask you something, how do you define a continuation of what Devil May Cry has been niche, when there is no factual data to support this. I could claim that because I have noticed an increased tendency for intelligence in the modern male ages 16-32 I believe the formula that Devil May Cry has been using up to this prior game would work better in 2012 than it ever would have in the past 9 years. You see, anyone can claim statements like these, but you present no evidence to show how this game is in anyway appealing to a broader audience. As far as I can tell the only claim you might be able to get away with was that the game is appealing to a different audience than the last 4. But how you can sit there any type out that this new game has broader appeal is simply illogical.

          • robertcram December 18, 2012 |

            I’ve never said DmC is niche, but then maybe the implication is there in how I explained my thoughts. What I was getting at is that if DMC solely catered towards the audience of times past – which perhaps isn’t as inclusive as it is now – then the game could become niche as a result. Ninja Theory have made an accessible combat system where newcomers can easily perform combos and get by in the game. Had they made the combat deeper than before and appealing to fans only, then it’s possible casual players might find it too difficult. I’m not saying this is good or bad, and somewhat agree with the poster that both audiences should be catered to. Unfortunately it seems some fans are finding DmC’s combat system as defined by Ninja Theory a little too simplified.

          • Kit2 December 18, 2012 |


      • Thoughtful Observer December 21, 2012 |

        If by ‘minority’ you are considering the impressive amount of people disliking and protesting the poor craftsmanship, styling, IP abuse, horrendous PR handling, and shoddy design work… then it will merely be a small speed bump in the road of their sales.

        Or it can be a large chunk out of their profit that need not be left out. There is rebooting, and there is downright scalping of an IP name, and this is miles away from the former. The Star Trek movie was a reboot. Mario games have been technically rebooted time and again.

        What CONSUMERS are upset about, is simply that what makes the product Devil May Cry…isn’t there. There is a nature to the product… class, taste, wit, excitement, excellent controls, challenge, and utter style that would do Bruce Campbell proud…that has proven through sales and sheer PROFIT off of products other than games(anime, books, nicknacks galore).

        Now, Capcom is turning it into a dark, cynical concoction leagues and bounds into a perverse, juvenile, vulgar political circus with a character that bears a stronger resemblance to a potty mouthed iCarley than the stylish fun predecessor wrapped in clunky controls that are awkward at best, and downright frustrating both in their simplicity and lacking of manual lock on, and what once was a fun art of stylish combo chaining enabled with the 60fps is now an unsatisfying button mashing at subpar 30. The colors are the palette of a moldy piece of bread, and the main character is a chameleon that blends in with the background and the settings… while changing city(Silent Hill)may be new… the masterful skill of detail and exemplary design elements are lacking. The elementary glitching need not be mentioned, because this explanation is long enough.

        Capcom can easily see, AFTER the fact when this game doesn’t come close to meeting the sales of it’s lowest selling Devil May Cry game, that if they stick with their original recipe, sales will improve.

        After all, Coca Cola did it when they changed the recipe to New Coke. That’s why it’s called Coke Classic now.

        • robertcram December 21, 2012 |

          Isn’t that a myth though? If Capcom go back to the roots then all will be well for everyone. I mean, they try and move forwards – in an attempt to remain fresh and get more sales – but then the numbers aren’t so good (RE 6). They go back to their roots, fans are happy but the sales are even worse. What then? It’s a no win situation for them. I think the whole situation is an ugly by-product of our times what with the cost of producing video games now. Somehow a balance needs to be struck, and I guess finding that is the holy grail of game development.

          • Thoughtful Observer December 21, 2012 |

            Is which a myth? The Coca Cola incident, or a company needing to maintain a product’s characteristics?

            Either one is a good question.

            For the former, yes. I was one of the ones to spit out what I thought was my same old Coke going ‘Gah, this is awful!’

            If the company called it ‘New Brew’ or something else, it may not have upset people, but the fact that the properties that made Coca Cola so appealing were missing.

            As for the balance between ‘new’ and ‘stale’… that is a true.

            The issue, I suppose, is when a company doesn’t go “What makes our product so appealing. What aspects of it make it what it is.”

            A reboot is risky business… and many don’t realize the different between ‘reboot’ and ‘IP tagging’. Take the Dragon Ball movie and the new Star Trek movie.

            The former…the vaguest aspects of what made Dragon Ball so great were maintained. And it bombed pretty bad. As another title, it could have done better, I believe.

            As for the Star Trek reboot… that is a VERY good usage of maintaining elements of the original while blending in newer and different aspects. And it worked, beautifully. If you look at a still from most scenes, you can recognize that…yes… it’s Star Trek.

            The issue, I believe, that people have… is that the DmC lacks ALL elements of what makes DMC what it is.

            Which, by definition, makes it merely IP tagging.

            I, myself, have been playing games since the Atari. I don’t think myself an expert GAMER… but I’ve always been interested in the elements… style, controls, audio, script writing, cut scenes… and other aspects of the artistry and design.

            The critiquing I have on this game is just as much an appreciator of the franchise as I do of these mention elements of the games. Scores mean less to me than the quality…and what I find in this, is ultimately subpar on Capcom’s past standards.

            Media hype and begging to ‘give it a try’ in a plea to strike for an individual’s conscience for an underdog, I frankly find myself insulted in not merely being offered an IP tagged piece, but one with below acceptable standards for anyone with experience or an eye for design.

            When Capcom goes through the trouble to find OUT what made Devil May Cry such a good commodity, study what draws the interest about it to the consumers, and utilizes that AND a little experimentation on ways to reach a broader audience, I will be more than happy to give it consideration.

            Just don’t give me New Coke and expect me to swallow it.

  15. Donnie December 17, 2012 |

    I’m not going to lie, I usually don;t get involved in this stuff, but wow I agree, I just went and downloaded the Demo off of PSN and something it no longer feels like DmC, how about Capcom and Plantnum just rename the game and keep it away from DmC, then everyone is happy…?

    • Truth December 17, 2012 |

      Platinum Games has NOTHING to do with this travesty. It is true that some Platinum staff used to work for Capcom and had roles creating the earlier (aka REAL) DMC games, but I must restate, Platinum is not involved in this one at all!

      This garbage, on the other hand, is brought to you by the highly overrated Ninja Theory and Capcom, a once great company.

      Please get it straight. Now you know the Truth.

      • Donnie December 17, 2012 |

        Oo right, just confusing the two developer that recently sent properties to other studios (Capcom -DmC, Kojima -MGR:revenagce)

  16. John December 17, 2012 |

    I’m done, someone needs to get DmC away from Capcom so they don’t ruin it further.

  17. Jake Opp December 17, 2012 |

    lol, I think its funny, that the Capcom president said a few months ago that most of the negative reception has become positive…

  18. MasterConqueor December 17, 2012 |

    Demo is not worth playing, frame rate has dropped, visuals don’t look as good as they do in the trailer, game is too easy and well you have to listen to the whining of a 13 emo who thinks he’s funny but is not… Oh and Btw they decided dubstep was a good fit for DmC as if I wasn’t trying to avoid that enough already

  19. Alex December 17, 2012 |

    Talked to a lady friend of mine and here is an exact quote from her; “yeah Dante used to be hot, now he looks like he could be Justin Beiber’s lover, whoever is making this new game should know how lame it is.” —- JustSayin

  20. John December 18, 2012 |

    That was dissssssssssssssssssssssssgusting! But who the fuck cares – the only good DMC were the first 2 ones (well the 1st really), all the rest are shite on a stick – this one included!

    • Bob December 18, 2012 |

      I really hope you meant to say DMC 1 and 3 were good, while i liked DMC 2 it is definetely the worst in the series, well maybe the second worst by the end of january…

  21. BigWooP! December 18, 2012 |

    Big deal, this was nothing why are you people crying about this. Played the demo it was good just because they changed how the character looked, who gives a sh*t it’s still a good DMC game from what I played. The Scene was not even that bad I thought it was going to be something serious he was basically dry humping “NO NUDITY” so how is this a bad thing seen much worst from other games. I’m glad they are doing something different with this game. Everyone here goes crazy talking about what the fans want, when what you really mean is what the fanboys want.

    • whatupMan December 18, 2012 |

      I agree this was not bad at all, I also played the demo and loved thumbs up to Ninja Theory and Capcom for doing something New with a tired old franchise.

      • NDen December 19, 2012 |

        Devil May Cry is not a tired franchise by any means.

        Every single game in the series has been evolving and changing. It still has space to grow even further, in tons of different directions.

        This new abomination is nothing short of devolution.

        • No February 5, 2013 |

          DMC 1-4 were the same game, nothing new at all.

  22. BigWooP! December 18, 2012 |

    I don’t agree this was not bad at all, I also played the demo and thought it was good. Thumbs up to Ninja Theory and Capcom for doing something New with a tired old franchise.

  23. Kit2 December 18, 2012 |

    Ok fair enough, but all that is, is an opinion. Until the game comes out, and either sells well, or flops, then we can if realistically the game catered to a broader audience or created a smaller one in the process of attempting something new. There is no way to prove this other than what the company says they are marketing it towards

  24. tyrone johnson December 19, 2012 |

    oh my god you dorks need to grow up! first devil may was getting stale, its best were part 1 and 3, 4 was decent. its time for a new spin and ninja theory has the right formula the cheesy sex scene works in the context of the setting but yall are so dead set against the game your to blinded to notice….its not necessary but its a element but i guess those who dont have real sex wont figure it. well im a dmc fan since the original and i welcome the change so yall can keep playing the old joints along with your pacman,pong,tombraider and everything else old. lmbo and im getting metalgear rising!

    • NDen December 19, 2012 |

      How many times will you people ignore the fact that the game is performing worse (60fps down to 30fps), and has a worse combat system? Not to mention all the bugs and glitches people have found. You’ll ignore it because it proves that the opposition are justified, and you don’t want to admit that – you want to pretend it’s a bunch of kids whining about hair color when you damn well know it isn’t that simple.

      That’s the core problem here, not the characters or the setting, though the tryhard emo dubstep bullshit that the middle-aged men at Ninja Theory are ramming down throats doesn’t exactly help either.

      The overall package is just so, SO bad, it’s unreal (pun not intended). Even the supposedly good art and animation is still only barely able to stand up to games like Bayonetta or MGR, which both look good and are technically superior.

  25. Sparta December 19, 2012 |

    Some seriously butthurt people here, you could tell theyd run out of ideas when i played DMC4. Reboot was what this series needed to continue – crazy combos check, slick style check, cocky protaganist check. oh, quality voice-acting and actually a decent soundtrack too? spank you very much, now lets play some DMC!

    • NDen December 19, 2012 |

      DMC4 was still evolving. Nero brought in some new mechanics, Dante had style switching on the go. The series had lots of room to breathe – new characters, new settings, maybe some online functions? The possibilities were endless.

      This reboot is a massive step back. The combat capabilities have been dumbed down to hell, the “style” if you can even call it that is too tryhard, the protagonist is an unlikeable asshole, the voice acting isn’t even that good, and the music is easily one of the worst new things in the game – dubstep? Really? REALLY?

      It’s going to be a shit game. The fact it has nonexistant pre-orders whilst Anarchy Reigns, God of War and Metal Gear Rising are steadily building up steam is only proof of this.

  26. NDen December 19, 2012 |

    The problem is this isn’t just a “reinvention” of any game series.

    This is a reinvention of a series whereby this process has ALREADY HAPPENED. Devil May Cry 2. They changed the nature of the game, it sucked, the fans hated it, Capcom backpedalled and made sure DMC3 and DMC4 returned more closely to the DMC formula.

    Now they’re doing it again. They are actually repeating history, and nobody should be surprised in the slightest when fans say “You are not seriously fucking doing this again?”. They’re not just angry to see a game series sundered, they’re angry to see Capcom repeating the same mistakes as if they haven’t learnt a goddamn thing.

    It also doesn’t help that Ninja Theory are also a horrible studio, they make rubbish games, have awful writers, and a disgusting attitude towards anyone who criticises them. They are the suckiest, and they certainly do not deserve such a cherished franchise.

  27. Alex December 20, 2012 |

    I’d rather the series die then get a sequel to this monstrosity.

  28. Fan December 20, 2012 |

    If Capcom decides to end the franchise because we told them we didn’t like the direction it went in, I think that would say more about them than us. Do you remember DMC2? How about DMC3 after it?

    Also, the sex scene, out of context, is a little crude but otherwise fine. The fact that Tameem has stated that he wants this game to show the world that this medium is on-par with film and literature sours it. This is ignoring, of course, the poor acting and writing we’ve seen in every other cutscene, the shallow gameplay we’ve been sampled, etc etc. It’s not the hair anymore. Shut up about the hair.

  29. Grope-Zero December 20, 2012 |

    Let the series die, it’s better than letting this abomination take its mantle.

  30. Fer December 20, 2012 |

    “Fans need to realize that if they cannibalize a game too much and sales bomb, the series they so vehemently love might just disappear entirely”

    So our choices are: to spend money on something we don´t want so we can get more things we don´t want (DmC2), or not waste our money on a bad product but doom our beloved series.

    I rather they pulled the plug on the series than see continue this Twilight for 14 year old boys path.

  31. Richard C. Mongler December 20, 2012 |

    Hey idiot, I hope DmC DOES drive the series into the dirt. You know how people are normally satisfied when their favorite book gets a trilogy? I couldn’t give two shits if Capcom makes another game. What have they done, anyway? They don’t even have Platinum any more.

  32. Bobby Doleman December 20, 2012 |

    Its a no-win situation for old DMC fans. If this game tanks we’ll never see a new DMC. If this game does okay we’ll see more of this garbage. Either way DMC is dead.

  33. Diego December 20, 2012 |

    Perhaps it’s best for the series to die, then, if the future of Devil May Cry continues to be DMC in name only.

  34. FrostByte December 20, 2012 |

    You know, this might have actually been an acceptable game if it wasn’t trying to ride off the coattails of the devil may cry series. There’s nothing wrong with a generic edgy hack-n-slash but at this point it’s essentially giving a nice big Donte style FUCK YOU to the past games glory.

    Excluding DMC2, I think we all agreed never to speak of that one again.

  35. Hwes December 20, 2012 |

    “Fans need to realize that if they cannibalize a game too much and sales bomb, the series they so vehemently love might just disappear entirely. What then?”
    They either keep making DmC or just can the series altogether. So who gives a damn?

  36. Poolman December 20, 2012 |

    Why is it that game journalists hate gamers so much? I’ve heard critics of this game called angry fanboys, losers, whiners, and babies by the gaming press. Is that really professional journalism? Why are gaming journalists advocating on behalf of the corporations that make the game rather than the consumers?

    Also, I hate this sex scene because I find it to be puerile shock humor. I would be embarrassed of my hobby if this were to come up while I was playing in front of other people.

  37. Demon B. Gone December 23, 2012 |

    First off the new Dante does not look bad. Companies like Capcom and square suck. There is not one fighting game to date that has some sort of character balance. If anyone says MVC,.. hopefully you would of shot yourself before you even typed it. Tekken SOul Cal Street Fight Doa MVC all stupid and unbalanced. As for companies like Platinum Games. THey are great, because they are making games that are different from the norm And they are actually very entertaining. (I still think its stupid that Platinum was forced to delay Anarchy Reighns.) Square is learning the hard way on how they should listen to their fans. Final Fantasy 13 sucked giant balls. 13-2 was an improvement and more ejoyable. As for this sex scene if you can call it that. Its really not that serious. I love DMC, but for you guys to complain about this?? really?? Did we all forget about the intro pizza scene to DMC 3? ending with a whole bunch of weapons stuck in dantes body as he walks around like nothing happened. Why even add an Hp bar if he cant get hurt. THey all had flaws. Its because of old school gamers that games dont evolve. Such as Halo, call of duty, and fighting games in general. They try to make games to accommodate to old school and new school gamers and in turn it doesnt work well.

  38. jewbug January 18, 2013 |

    I got an idea how about everyone grow up! Its a game for crying out loud! They make remakes all the time. I’ve played all the DmC including the new one. In my opinion this new one has a better and easy to follow story line, a better way of upgrading weapons, and way better graphics. The voice actors are better too. Better fighting style and there isn’t a lot of plot holes like the other versions. I’m so looking forward to the sequels!

    • It's a secret February 21, 2013 |

      Dude I am with you! This game was way better! I think Dante’s hair looks better in the new game I felt like the other game he looked like a damn fool running around with white shaggy hair! Ths game was way cooler! I liked his blue/red chain whip the most and hooking it to things to jump from place to place way cool I hope they make more too! I can’t believe people didn’t like this game! The other one did not make me feel like I was in hell/ limbo like the way this one did!

  39. It's a secret February 21, 2013 |

    I for one absolutely love this game so much! This game is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. You think he’ll is a fun dandy place with flowers and chocolates! No ! It’s supposed to make you feel weird uncomfortable it’s not like earth or heaven expirences…this scene was to make you see sin and feel odd hell has strange sexual and awkward things that should make you feel like you don’t want to be there. Also the hair change s way better. The character looked like a damn idiot with white air he looks way way cooler now! I hope they make more this ame was my favorite! I especially loved the red and blue chain thing he uses to jump building from building that was very awesome. I love all of the creepy elements to this game! How can you people not like this game? Did you guys even play the same game?

  40. It's a secret February 21, 2013 |

    I am very sorry for all of my misspellings I hate typing on my iPad because it auto corrects my words. What I was saying was this game was so awesome! I loved everything about it. I would go so far as to say its my favorite of the year so far. I love the blue and red chain Dante gets to jump from to each ledge and his ability to fly and I loved all of the demons and how this game really made me feel like I was in limbo. (I really loved the monsters/witches/demons) I loved the sense of panic and how you would have to quickly escape an area that was crumbling ! My favorite part was defeating Bob Barbas! that was fun! the musuc in that scene was beastly! anyways …The scenes shown uptop awas supposed to be disturbing and uncomfortable your in hell /limbo! You think your gonna see happy things? No it’s supposed to be awkward! Oh and how come no one complains about the rape sex scene in RED Dead redemption? …I though that was unnecessary scene…(we know cowboys were tough we don’t need to see them with prostitutes)…. but yet this is disgusting? Sex (especially in that particular position) was supposed to be a depiction of Mundus’s character and to show sin ..I mean he’s screwing her in the arse…how is that loving? It was supposed to convey sin/ his true character… In this game they were trying to show how this demon Mundus is filled with sin and evil that he’s mating with a demon herself, Lilith. Btw Lilith was gods first creations who was destroyed then eve came about..she’s supposed to be evil and obsessed with her looks etc…she’s supposed to be evil and sexual and awkward. It’s games was trying to make u uncomfortable and make u feel like you were seeing uncomfortable scenes only hell could conjure up! This game was fantastic! I cant believe you ppl didn’t like this game! You must not have played this game! (Yes I have played all the devil may cry’s) but I really liked this!

  41. Ray July 1, 2013 |

    I’ve always loved the DMC series and enjoyed even the cheese, and the original image of dante (he’s hot) but more and more as a female gamer who likes her gore/guns etc, I like a playable game with content, don’t mind a bit of the sterotypes tounge in cheek but when it get to the OTT of women being tittalised in games and such a bimbo sterotype it puts me off. I enjoy the game, just not the pointless “sell sex to get sales” crap.

    Female gamers enjoy stuff too and we don’t really want to see an OTT stereotype of a blonde girely bimbo in ANY game.

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