Destiny Prison of Elders Complete Level 28 Playthrough

The Destiny House of Wolves downloadable content features some new stuff for lower levelled players which includes the horde mode Prison of Elders mission which becomes unlocked after beating the new story missions. It’s restricted to a minimum of level 28 and has options for higher levelled characters as well. The prison features 5 sections with each hosting three waves of enemy attacks with the last section being a tough boss battle. The prison can be tackled solo, although it’s probably a bit too tough for most especially as there are some modifiers which require you to hit certain mines and targets – meaning you can’t just hole up somewhere and cheese your way to victory. Ideally this is a three man affair which can be tackled using matchmaking and lasts around 30 minutes. Take a look at our Destiny Prison of Elders complete level 28 run through to see what your up against and be then check out the exotic and legendary goodies received at the end.

Written by: Rob Cram

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