Dead Or Alive Extreme 3 Official Trailer & Pre-Order Link

Koei Tecmo released an official Dead or Alive Extreme 3 trailer to whet the appetites of Japanese gamers as it will only be released in Asia. Well that’s how the story goes so far, but we’re reckoning we’ll see a western release at some point as well despite the previous games not selling too well in western markets despite the demand from a select number of eager fans. The game will release on February 25th 2016 and if you want to try and pre-order the PS4 or PS Vita versions you can now do so from Amazon Japan for around 15,000 Yen which converts to over £80 – although we’re pretty sure this collector’s edition includes some bonus items rather than just the game. You’ll need a specific Japanese Amazon account created and then use a shipping company that will deliver to your region. Alternatively you can easily pre-order closer to release from sites such as Play Asia although these won’t come with any extras.

dead or alive extreme 3 - japanese pre-order amazon

dead or alive extreme 3 honoka 2

dead or alive extreme 3 rose 1

dead or alive extreme 3 rose 2

dead or alive extreme 3 kasumi 1

dead or alive extreme 3 kasumi 2

Written by: Robert Cram

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