CyberThreat VR Gameplay Vive – Open World Shooter

Developer Enigmatic released their rather cool Early Access HTC Vive open world shooter CyberThreat VR which pits players against a robotic army in various scenarios. It’s a simple game at heart but the fact you’re able to move around a 12 block urban centre and enter select buildings or climb on the rooftops for a vantage point gives it some much needed freedoms usually absent from VR games. There’s certainly much potential here especially if the gameplay can be tweaked to allow for more buildings to be entered, perhaps some stealthy actions and more story based scenarios and there’s the makings of a winning formula here. It would also be a neat addition to allow for conventional movement controls alongside the teleportation so both audiences are catered for. As it stands the game is a bit of a turkey shoot as robots home in on your location without predjudance and seemingly know exactly where you are at all times (not an original VR idea for sure as it’s either zombies of the robots). Take a look at the gameplay preview video which shows off the various modes of play on offer. Then head on over to Steam and dive in.

Written by: Robert Cram

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