Cyberpunk 2077 NPC Reactions – How Well do they React to Female V?

Some might have you thinking that the Cyberpunk 2077 NPC reactions are non-existent. You may have seen Youtube videos where the NPCs just ignore being shot at inside vehicles or don’t do much when V is behaving badly. Whilst the NPCs could be a little tougher (as in fight back on occasion), at least on the PC version they don’t act like complete brain-dead turkeys (well, not all of them). That said, the NPC behaviour could be improved somewhat, especially when compared to some older games such as GTA V or even the recent Watch Dogs Legion. Take a look at this video showing some interesting reactions from the NPCs, including scared faces, changing moods, running away en-mass, putting their hands-up when threatened, driving off at speed (with no hands on the wheel we might add) and generally being fully aware of V.

We think the main takeaway here is the last-gen console version (PS4/Xbox One) is vastly inferior to the PC version for obvious reasons, so people are experiencing different gameplay elements and additional bugs which is a shame. The only saving grace will be when the next-gen versions get the update next year to bring the console experience more in-line with its PC counterpart, for PS5 and Xbox Series at least. Hopefully CDPR can work some magic to get the PS4 and Xbox One versions up to speed as well considering that’s the biggest user-base right now. Fingers crossed then.

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Written by: Robert Cram

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