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Forgive Me Father Gameplay 4K – PC Early Access

Here we take a quick look at Byte Barrel’s retro-themed first person shooter ‘Forgive Me Father’. Take on an assortment of Lovecraftian inspired enemies in this crazy looking FPS. The game plays very well and incorporates a skill system alongside upgrades. It’s pretty easy to get into, but also easy

Rogue Spirit Gameplay 4K – RTX 3090

Here is a look at the opening moments of Kids With Sticks/505 Games’ action rogue-like game Rogue Spirit which is available now via Steam Early Access. This is an interesting game with a neat concept that employs stealth and action. It’s quite challenging though until you earn enough points to

Gamedec Gameplay 4K – (Full Game)

We take a look at the opening case and second case from Anshar Studios cyberpunk themed, isometric adaptive RPG Gamedec which releases this week on PC via Steam, GoG, Epic from September 16th (Switch version releases at a later date). There are many ways to tackle each case, so don’t

Here’s What BloodHunt Gameplay Looks Like (Early Access)

Sharkmob’s Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt released on PC via Steam Early Access. The game uses conventional weapons and vampire powers in a battle royale scenario. The Bloodhunt gameplay video showcases the tutorial and some matches (where we promptly died). However, you can view a complete match from around 29