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Far Cry 6 Delayed into an Unannounced 2021 Date

The global pandemic of Covid-19 seems to be having a profound effect on most industries, and gaming is not exempt. The latest victim is Ubisoft, who announced yesterday that its Far Cry 6 has been delayed to some further point into 2021. It was originally planned for a February release.

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed for another 21 Days

Despite announcing the game going gold and ready to ship a few weeks back, CDPR have made the hard decision to delay the game for another 3 weeks. The new release date is December 10th. The cite reasons such as the game appearing on last gen systems and current get

FIFA 21 Remains on Top of UK Software Sales Chart

EA’s FIFA 21 remains first in the UK Software Sales Chart, with little challengers at present. It’s the same story every release as UK gamers love their football games. Little movement in the top 10, but things are about to get interesting in the coming weeks. Perhaps FIFA will have

FIFA 21 Remains Top of UK Software Sales Chart

The latest UK Software Sales Chart is in and this week unsurprisingly, FIFA 21 remains top of the pile. Animal Crossing New Horizons brings up the rear in second, which is pretty good going considering its time in the chart. GFK ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE CHARTS – All formats – Week ending

Meters Music Introduces new Stylish Gaming Headsets

UK based Meters Music has launched a new range of gaming headsets entitled “Level Up”, that not only look rather cool but protect your ears from dangerously loud gaming sessions. What’s cool about them, aside from customizable RGB colouring is the VU meters for each ear which show you the

FIFA 21 tops UK Software Sales Chart

It’s that FIFA time of the year and the start of chart dominance as FIFA 21 launches and jumps in at number one in the UK Software Sales Chart. UK gamers can’t get enough of this particular series and it’s the same every year as the game sits within the

CDPR Announces Cyberpunk 2077 Has Gone Gold

Not that it means much these days what with post-launch fixes and updates, but CDPR announced today that Cyberpunk 2077 has gone gold. This means they have complete work on the game and it’s ready to be shipped for final pressing to retail discs. It marked a momentous time during