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Astral Chain tops UK Software Sales Chart

The latest UK Software Sales Chart is in and this week sees a slew of new entries making the battle for the top quite interesting. Man of Medan enters the fray at number 3, the action shooter Control 4th, the destructive Wreckfest hits 2nd. The leader for the Nintendo Switch

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Stream Next Week

Next Friday, CDPR will go live with a 15 minute Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay stream of the E3 2019/Gamescom gameplay demo shown to members of the press. We saw the entire 1 hour demo at Gamescom (impressions coming soon) and feel that a condensed version is probably for the better. It’s

No Man’s Sky Beyond Patch Notes

Hello Games just posted the full No Man’s Sky Beyond patch notes ahead of its launch today (August 14th 2019). This is an eagerly anticipated free update for the game adding tons of features as you can see, alongside the much anticipated VR support on PC and PSVR. PATCH NOTES

ENCODYA Kickstarter Now On

Developers of the dystopian cyberpunk themed point and click adventure game Encodya announced the Kickstarter today. Studio Ghibli aims to raise £25,500 from backers with plenty more if funding reaches beyond this figure. Interestingly a demo features for those wishing to try first. We also have some gameplay from said