Summer Game Fest: Official Livestream, Today! (11a PT/2p ET/6p GMT)

Tune-in with Geoff Keighley as his introduces more gaming news and showcases upcoming titles for consoles and PC in the Summer Game Fest. You can watch the official stream from 6PM GMT.

Live Updates (Oldest to NewestSUMMER GAME FEST 2022 – Courtesy of – ak47rocks1337yt from Reddit r/games.

Street Fighter 6 kicks off todays show with its first look gameplay trailer and a character reveal (Guile) releasing in 2023

ALIENS: Dark Descent gets an announcement trailer releasing in 2023

The Callisto Protocol gets a gameplay trailer and some raw gameplay releasing December 2nd 2022

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) gets a campaign gameplay featuring the mission “Dark Water” releasing October 28th

Flashback 2 gets announced releasing in Winter 2022

Witchfire a first person shooter gets its first look gameplay trailer with early access coming soon

Fort Solis an indie game gets announced featuring Troy Baker and Roger Clark, no release date has been set

Routine gets a re-announced cinematic gameplay featuring music by Mick Gordon no release date has been set

Black Adam gets a trailer for some reason

Outriders WorldSlayer shows off its first trailer for its expansion releasing June 30th 2022

Fall Guys gets a live action trailer going free to play on June 21st 2022

Stormgate by Frost Giant gets announced with some work in progress in game images beta in 2023

Highwater an indie game where you’re on a boat gets announced releasing later this year

American Arcadia gets a story and gameplay trailer no release date has been set

Goat Simulator 3 recreates the dead island 2 trailer and fools everyone releasing Fall 2022

Marvel Midnight Suns gets shown off releasing October 7th 2022

CUPHEAD The Delicious Last Course gets another look with more gameplay releasing June 30th

Neon White a game about trying to ascent to heaven gets shown off releasing June 16th

Midnight Fight Express a game made by 1 person gets a gameplay trailer shown off releasing August 23rd

Warframe gets some updates about new cosmetics and merch and a sneak peek at the devery paradox

Honkai Starrail shows off a new realm you can explore no release date has been set

Zenless Zone Zero a fast paced action game gets a gameplay trailer no release date has been set

TMNT: Shredders Revenge gets a surprise reveal of a 6 player mode that you can play local/online releasing June 16th 2022

Super People gets a final beta reveal date (I missed it, if someone can tag me with the name

Humankind Cultures of Latin is available now but WAIT there’s more we got a new trailer showing that a console port is COMING SOON

One Piece Odyssey gets a story and gameplay and character trailer coming 2022

Soul Hackers 2 gets a quick new look coming June 26th 2022

Capcom Arcade Stadium featuring a bunch of Capcom Classics is releasing July 22nd 2022

Mario Strikers Battle League gets a brand new gameplay trailer releasing June 10th

Metal Hellsingers gets a trailer featuring a bunch of metal/rock singers with a demo releasing TODAY!

The Quarry gets it’s launch trailer releasing TOMORROW

Nightingale gets a deeper look with its procedural realms and crafting showcase

Saints Row releases its boss creator boss factory today to prepare for the game that’s releasing next year!

Warhammer 40k Darktide gets an extended first look at its gameplay releasing on September 13th

Layers of Fears by Bloober Team gets revealed releasing Early 2023

Gotham Knights gets a brand new look at its story and gameplay releasing on October 25th 2022

The Last of Us Part 1 a remake of the original The Last of Us is releasing on September 2nd 2022

The Last of Us Factions a brand new standalone multiplayer game gets it’s concept art revealed no release date has been set

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