Boobs Saga Gameplay Hands-On Impressions

Take a look at some Boobs Saga gameplay in our hands-on preview where we play an early build of this survival horror style action adventure game. Whilst on the surface this might just look like a game featuring adult content, there is actually a decent survival horror experience on offer. Video 2 is a more safe for work version.



If you can remember a game on Steam called, Bloody Boobs, well Boobs Saga is the sequel from developer Kukhtenkov Georgiy. It has to be said right from the off that this is a satirical 3D action game which doesn’t take itself too seriously and is aimed at a particular audience. In fact, there are two main audiences the game aims to reel in which is likely it will, but don’t be fooled by the rather sexual themed nature of the visuals, there is a pretty tough game under the surface which is quite enjoyable to play aside from the titillating visuals.

To begin, players can customize the singular female avatar with an assortment of clothing options, hair styles, eye colour and body shapes. So if a slender big breasted blonde heroine is your cup of tea then you can create that. Where the customization heads into another direction entirely is offering some furry options to the point where you can add ears, tails and fur to a set of animal like characters of various tones. It’s a nice option for those who like this style and even allows for lizard type females as well which is neat touch.


Customization aside, the core game has you trapped inside a maze-like dungeon somewhere in the Ukraine having been grabbed by a nefarious looking boob-grabbing king. Your task is to worship some five idols hidden inside the dungeon before being allowed to escape. Sounds pretty simple enough, except there are deadly traps and hazards to contend with as well as various guards who attack on sight. Luckily, your character can use fists, swords, axes and knives to fend off any attackers but also some “special” weapons like a bra which shoots bullets and a pantie attachment that sends out explosives. Aside from the weapons, players can also set up their own traps using bottles (which enemies become distracted by when spotted) mines, and magic spells. Which turns the tables somewhat.

Let’s cut to the chase here. The game does ooze sex appeal obviously with all the visual elements geared towards that including the cheesy voice-over who offers some hints as you progress through the dungeon. However, the game does offer quite a serious survival horror experience, where there is tension taking it slow to avoid being ambushed. Learning the layout of the dungeon through multiple attempts to increase your knowledge. The dungeon itself is actually quite large and well laid out. Learning to traverse each trap and finding alternate routes where traps might appear to risky to pass. It’s quite an enjoyable game in its own right even if you ignore the sexual overtones.

Now for the negatives. We played an early build but it still needs a bit of work especially with regards to the hit detection during combat, camera placement and just a general level of polishing. We are told these things will be fixed before launch and hopefully will provide a far smoother experience once completed. But even at this early stage the game (whilst taking some time to get used to) works reasonably well. The main take away here is the game is fun to play and a step up from the previous game with some bold visuals and tongue-in-cheek sound. We like it. There is promise of a multiplayer mode as well but this wasn’t available to try in the build we played unfortunately. Although it good the developer is expanding his ideas.


To conclude. If you liked Bloody Boobs, then you will love Boobs Saga, and whilst they both share similar gameplay concepts, this new game is generally much better than its predecessor as you would expect. Obviously, some people might be offended by the sexual content on offer, but by all means it is not overly graphic and more comical than anything else. It’s certainly nothing new for PC gamers in the wake of games like Agony and Lust for Darkness. There is a handy option to censor all the wobbly bits which is a good option to have, making for some pixellated moments which actually work well with the game’s visuals. Boobs Saga was going to be released on Steam last month but at present is still waiting for approval. Having sampled its delights, we see no reason why it shouldn’t be approved sooner rather than later. Either way, we can’t wait to see how the finished game shapes up.

Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.