Blaze Revolutions Release Trailer

Little Chicken Game Company’s resource management RTS game, Blaze Revolutions releases today on PC via Steam. Take a look at the trailer and some gameplay.

More than just a cultivation and resource management RTS game, Blaze Revolutions tells a thrilling narrative about the effects of big business and government corruption on our planet. Our environment is suffering from pollution, small businesses are going under as big corporations grow increasingly stronger, and governments are tightening their chokehold on the common man. In Blaze Revolutions you get to fight back, creating idyllic enterprises using the natural resource of hemp in its multitude of uses. As part of the resistance against the SomaCorp and its totalitarian corporate rule, you must plant and cultivate cannabis, hack drones, evade surveillance and manage your resources as you turn this grassroots movement into a full-fledged revolution!

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