Blaze Revolutions

Blaze Revolutions Release Trailer

Little Chicken Game Company’s resource management RTS game,┬áBlaze Revolutions releases today on PC via Steam. Take a look at the trailer and some gameplay. More than just a cultivation and resource management RTS game,┬áBlaze Revolutions┬átells a thrilling narrative about the effects of big business and government corruption on our planet.

Blaze Revolutions Gameplay 4K

In case you missed it, Little Chicken Game Company released their RTS/Stealth/Strategy game Blaze Revolutions via Steam last week. The game has little fanfare right now so if you were wondering how the game actually plays, check out the Blaze Revolution gameplay video. This is a neat game where despite

Blaze Revolutions on Steam Early Access

Little Chicken Game Company release their RTS game Blaze Revolutions on Steam early access today. Take a look at the trailer to get a feel for the gameplay. Blaze Revolutions is a base building and real time strategy game. Set in a green revolution, it uses the industrial power of