Microsoft reveals its AR based HoloLens (video)

During the Microsoft Windows 10 briefing today, the company revealed its HoloLens which will work in tandem with the forthcoming Windows 10 OS as well as Xbox One. Unlike normal VR units being heralded by Oculus, the HoloLens head mounted display allows users to experience Augmented Reality (AR) which combines

Evolve – Survival Guide Trailer

2K Games released a new Evolve trailer which looks at ways to surivive the hostile world as teams take on the enraged and powerful beasts. The game is already running a Beta phase and is available to try for those who pre-order. The full game will release on PC, Xbox

The Order 1886 – Conspiracy Trailer

Ready At Dawn released a new The Order 1886 conspiracy trailer to whet the appetite for the Playstation 4 exclusive action game which releases on February 20th 2015. Featuring guns galore and a distinct cinematic flavour, this is an eagerly anticipated game for PS4 gamers.