Anthem NEXT Canned

Bioware/EA today announced that its upcoming update for Anthem commonly referred to as Anthem Next, will no longer be developed. A massive shame as the base game, whilst pretty decent in its own right won’t get the overhaul many gamers called for. You can read the full statement here. The

Paradise Lost – Story Trailer

Take a look at the rather cool, Paradise Lost story trailer from All in! Games. The game set in the snowy Winter during an alternate reality 1980s comes to PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC in 2021. About Paradise Lost The Last Story on Earth. WWII persisted for 20 more

Days Gone PC Coming Spring 2021

Bend Studios announced that its action-survival zombie game Days Gone (previously a Playstation 4 exclusive) comes to PC in 2021 (Steam page here). In fact, Sony are looking at bringing more of the PS4 line-up to the PC platform. PC gamers already experienced Quantic Dream’s games including Detroit Become Human,

New VR system coming to PS5 (PSVR 2)

Sony revealed recently its plans for a new, next gen VR system (PSVR 2) for its Playstation 5 console. You can read about it here. The main takeaway from this from a VR enthusiast perspective is, PSVR is over 4 years old now and the VR space has improved significantly

Taxi Chaos – Launch Trailer

Take a look at the madcap, Taxi Chaos which launched today. Players on Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Switch can jump into their cars and rack-up those fares across New Yellow City. About Taxi Chaos Get behind the wheel and get ready for a brand-new taxi experience! Drive around the

Watch Dogs: Legion: Online Gameplay Overview

Remember Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion from the tail end of 2020? Well, it’s coming back into the fore with a new free multiplayer mode releasing March 9th. Take a look at the Watch Dogs: Legion: Online video which explains everything you need to know. Interesting release date as March 9th