3DXChat VR Review (NSFW)

Sexgamedevils 3DXChat has recently updated its core game to include VR support so Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users can join in the fray. This is purely a subscription based adult VR experience and whilst there are elements which can be considered quite tame, the end game here is to have sex with either a male or female character. Take a look at the first video here which offers a safe look at the game’s features.

You begin by creating a character of which is stored on the 3DXchat servers and hence why it costs extra cash to make additional characters. You can edit quite a number of clothing options and features to get a unique looking character. What’s neat is being able to change your look at any time, although we’re not sure if there is a wardrobe function to store saved sets of clothing configurations – if not, then surely it needs one.

Once you’ve created your character in the dressing room you can move on to a new location, however it has to be said the dressing room is a great little area to zoom and pan around your character in VR. A quick tap of the space bar centers the menu and character just in case things get a bit wonky. But it’s really easy to use. Moving on and you’re then able to head to your private spaces – there are two options available – or enter a public area. There’s also the option to join other peoples open rooms as well. If you’re after a more private setting then you can simply chill in your private rooms which can be customized with new furniture and such like adding much more personality to the room. Again, this is fairly intuitive in VR to pick up and place objects from the side bar or move existing items. You’re able to call in a male or female bot to join where you can engage in sexual activity but little else – you’ll need another human player for full interactions and chat.

It’s at this point where the VR aspect comes into its own. On the one hand you’re very much the character as you move around in first person. Look down and you’ll see a pair of boobs (if you chose a female character that is) and see everything as if you were there. Movement is a little fiddly where you point with the mouse or look and then walk/run to that location. We mapped some basic controls to an Xbox One pad for ease of use which is much better for VR gaming. Hopefully motion control support will be added in the near future.

In our private space look at the bed and a set of options will become available (the same for any object that is interactive). On the bed we engaged in various sexual acts with the bot. Now here’s the second part of VR. It was a little weird being in first person during these moments and needed some adjustments to our position. However, what was equally neat was being able to change the camera type to either a third person view or free-cam which allowed to view the two characters going for it on the bed. In VR this is excellent and means you retain control but can check out how you look up close and personal if desired.

Moving on, there are several hub areas to meet other players such as a beach, ship and nightclub to name but a few. It’s here where you can meet people from all over the globe and either play out a role by being silent and using the input commands to interact – such as dancing with another person or cuddling up – or chatting with them and taking things further. You can be invited or invite others to your private rooms where you can engage in sexual activity which is pretty neat as a shared experience and with real life sex toys(such as the VStroker Fleshlight) connected up you can really have proper cybersex if that’s your calling.

So, overall we’re impressed with 3DXChat and hope in the future there are more options for motion control support which will give players some touching actions and perhaps traditional gaming movement with the thumbsticks or touchpad. It also has to be said the game can be played in 2D or VR at any time. With what they have here a less adult version would be pretty good as well if this is something the developers would consider with different goals than merely meeting up for sex. The pricing is perhaps the white elephant in the room and a bit of a barrier for some people. We think a condensed free to play model would work well here with the choice of paying for extra rooms, hub areas and such like. The current pricing rests at around $19.99 per month but can be lowered to $7.67 per month if a yearly subscription of $92 is taken out or $59 for 6 months.

Written by: Sex Bot

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