Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road Trailer

Discover Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road first expansion available April 25th. Your mission will be to infiltrate various gangs led by El Invisible, a mysterious master of drug smuggling. You’ll face new challenges all along the way. With race cars, monster trucks, choppers, gold plated guns.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Bowman Briefing Videos 100%

Take a look at this video compilation which showcases all of the Ghost Recon Wildlands Bowman briefing videos for Operation Kingslayer. This includes all of the buchons and bosses as well as the pre-order extra character La Cabra which is only unlocked if you pre-ordered the game.CIA agent Karen Bowman

Ghost Recon Wildlands Tops UK Software Sales Chart

As expected, Ubisoft’s open world tactical co-op shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands on all formats takes the crown the latest UK Software Sales Chart. Last weeks leader sits comfortably at number 2 and new entry for LEGO Worlds at number 3. Zelda slips from 2nd to 4th. What’s next? CHARTTRACK WEEKLY

Ghost Recon Wildlands Review – Sloppy But Fun

Ubisoft has done quite a bit of tinkering to revitalize the Ghost Recon series from its early incarnations on PC. With the introduction of GRAW when the last gen consoles hit the market (PS3/Xbox 360) and then the more advanced Future Soldier which presented a story focused structure. Many purists

Ghost Recon Wildlands Boss Briefing Videos

Ghost Recon Wildlands presents a gripping drug fuelled tale of the war on the cartels in Bolivia. Sure it’s a fake story but its presentation is pretty good. Leader of the Operation Kingslayer and CIA Case Officer Karen Bowman (played by Jane Perry) does a good job of briefing the