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Quarantine Launch Trailer

Sproing’s tactical strategy game Quarantine has now left Early Access and has officially launched on Steam today. Players are tasked with containing outbreaks and curing diseases in an effort to save the world from viral doom. Take a look at the trailer before heading on over to Steam where the

Fallout 4 free weekend Xbox One and Steam

This weekend Bethesda is allowing you to explore everything a post-nuclear Boston has to offer with the first-ever Fallout 4 Free Weekend. Commencing May 25 to 28, Xbox Live Gold Members and Steam users (full timings below) will be able to play all of Fallout 4’s base content and try

Xbox Game Pass Launches June 1st with 100+ Games

Microsoft has just announced that its Xbox One/Xbox One S only Xbox Game Pass subscription service will officially launch on June 1st 2017 with over 100 games on the roster. However, some good news is gamers with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions can now start a free 14 day trial. Normally

The Fidelio Incident – Official Launch Trailer

From the Art Director of God of War 3, The Fidelio Incident from Act 3 Games is a single-player, first-person thriller set off the coast of Iceland available now on Steam (with 34% off launch discount). Inspired by Beethoven’s only opera Fidelio. After a violent plane crash, Stanley must search

Cars 3: Driven to Win Gameplay Trailer

Buckle up for some high-octane action in the new video game Cars 3: Driven to Win! Rev up your engines and race as Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm and other beloved characters as you master the tricks, skills and combat techniques needed to become the Ultimate Champion. Prove you’ve