Fans upset that Kiefer Sutherland is to play Big Boss in MGS 5

Konami just announced in its pre E3 conference that legendary actor Kiefer Sutherland will replace long time actor for Solid Snake/Big Boss, David Hayter. Take a look at the video  for the full details. Oh My, will Big Boss ever be the same without Hayter or will Sutherland manage to pull off the impossible?  In actuality Big Boss was voiced by Richard Doyle in Metal Gear Solid IV but it seems the same Japanese actor will be used in this latest game, Akio Ōtsuka. Fans are likely to be upset over this, but it has been known for a while that Hayter would not be voicing Solid Snake in MGS 5 thanks to various tweets suggesting Kojima Productions cut him out of the loop. Here are some quotes from the Metal Gear communities.

“it’s kinda sad because their reasoning behind it was kinda bad, who else knows the character better than David…”

“Nah, Hayter’s been well and truly screwed here. I wouldn’t bother if I were him.  I love Jack Bauer, but I’m not happy.”


“Hayter will always be the voice of Snake to me.”

“A crying shame how Hayter was cut out of the game – maybe he’ll make a cameo seeing as there’s still room for Solid Snake”.

“I hope the MGS series dies so Kojima can work on other franchise, ZOE to mention one.”

In contrast, there are a number of fans pleased at the fact that Big Boss is being voiced by a new actor. In terms of the series it does make sense, although fans will find it a bitter pill to swallow knowing the Japanese voice actor remains the same. Kojima has said that he wanted a better motion capture artist for his work, and Sutherland is obviously that over Hayter, who hasn’t acted on the big screen for many years.

Written by: Robert Cram

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  • DarthDiggler

    Obviously if Hayter had the acting credentials that Keifer brings Keifer wouldn’t have been brought on board.

    Hayter had a good run with Snake, I’d like to see what Keifer does with Big Boss.

  • ex-sell69

    *Vomits new Coke on MGSV: The Phantom Pain* It taste like horse urine! Yeah, great idea, show a video of Kiefer sutherland that proves he’s not a gamer and knows less about the series that someone who only knows Snake from Smash Brothers Brawl! At least David Hayter plays the games! So yeah, that’s just great… Metal Gear Solid V staring a non gamer, who won’t be playing the game he’s in!