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Resident Evil HD Remaster Reaches 1 Million Sales

Capcom has just announced that its survival horror remaster on consoles and PC Resident Evil HD Remaster has sold over 1 million units since releasing in January this year (2015). The game which released on the PSOne back in 1996 was remade on the Gamecube some years later and entertained

Alan Wake 2 Footage Released

Remedy pitched the idea for Alan Wake 2 to Microsoft apparently and as you would expect and yet the game never materialized as effort shifted onto Quantum Break. Perhaps it was the less than stellar sales of the first game not providing enough encouragement for the powers that be. Either

Xbox One Gears of War Trilogy Incoming?

Microsoft posted an unusual Gears of War 3 video on its Youtube channel looking at the midnight launches of the game back in 2011 for the Xbox 360. This has sparked rumours that Microsoft are planning to release the Gears of War Trilogy on the Xbox One console much like