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Huge Sales for Fallout 4 in its Opening Week

Bethesda has today announced some massive shipped to retailers numbers for its Fallout 4 video game where the initial shipment was 12 million units which represents about $750 million revenue. Whilst we won’t know how many of those have actually sold to punters yet, the fact Bethesda are having to

Call of Duty Black Ops III Most Digital Sales on PS4 To Date

Activision has today announced via press release that its recently released futuristic inspired military first person shooter Call of Duty Black Ops III has become the biggest entertainment launch of 2015 amassing some $550 million sales worldwide in its first three days (according to their estimates). What’s more, the game

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games List

The Major has just posted an official Xbox One backward compatibility games list which will go live on November 12th 2015 as the first wave of Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One via disc or digital. Take a look at the video and then what Mike Ybarra, Director of Program