Street Fighter V Update Tomorrow July 1st 2016

Capcom releases a major update for its upcoming Street Fighter V which will be available from 8am BST/09:00 CET and includes the much anticipated A Shadow Falls story mode and two new characters Ibuki and Balrog. Check out the trailer. “A Shadow Falls” The Street Fighter V cinematic story expansion

Mystery Castle Review

The days of pick up and play games on the console seem to be long gone and the smart phone has reigned supreme in entertaining the masses with those glorious time wasters when you’ve got 10-20 minutes to blow. Sometimes those mini-gaming sessions turn into hours because of the addictive

Mafia III Family Kick-Back Trailer

Building a criminal empire takes muscle and firepower and you’ll need as much help as you can get on October 7th when Mafia III releases on consoles and PC. As the new boss in town, your new family is showing their loyalty with territory Kick-Back gifts. If you pre-order Mafia

DEX Coming to Xbox One and PS4

Dreadlocks studio in combination with Badland Games has announced that it will be releasing its PC hit DEX on Xbox One, PS4 on July 8th 2016. A wii U and PS Vita version is also planned for later in the year. You can check out some gameplay from the PC

Minecraft Battle Mode Available Now on Consoles

Microsoft has today announced that an update for the console version of Minecraft is available which adds an all new versus Battle Mode mini-game. The new mode is a last man standing deathmatch type game where players fight over resources and weapons in specific arenas. Players won’t need to craft