Witches of the New World – Reveal Teaser Trailer

Developer Horizontal Entertainment posted a reveal trailer for their upcoming game Witches of the New World, which offers a souls-like experience. The game created in UE 5 comes to consoles and PC.

Witches of the New World is an upcoming single-player, action/horror, souls-like video set in the late 17th century, during the height of the witch hunting craze. Fight the forces of darkness as witchfinder Jedediah Hopkins and decide the fate of Salem’s soul as well as your own.


  • Jedediah Hopkins is an action hero that fights off enemies with his superior swordsmanship and firearms training.
  • The nightmarish monsters he’ll encounter and the tenebrous environments he’ll visit will chill down the spine of most players.
  • Developed in Unreal Engine 5, Witches of the New World offers a realistic and immersive experience with the engine’s cutting-edge tools.
  • Jedediah’s adventurous journey will confront players with complex moral questions and choices.
  • Witches of the New World explores with detail the English Puritanical society of the late seventeenth century.

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