The Intergalactic Trashman Kickstarter Trailer

Spanish developers Glovecat Studio are poised and ready to launch their Kickstarter campaign for the rather cool looking 2D action adventure game The Intergalactic Trashman which is already coming along nicely. To mark the forthcoming occasion they released a new trailer to whet the appetite for the colourful adventures of The Intergalactic Trashman who can explore environments on foot as well as take to the skies in a spaceship. For more information and to keep up to speed on the game’s progress be sure to visit the official website.

Key Features:

– Kepler is our main character and your avatar in the game. He’s a little and cute creature, and he always go with his loyal partner Xana.
– You have several abilities to deal with the stages characteristics such as the dash and the rope. Both help you to reach high places or to avoid chasms, but since the dash is not infinite, the combination of both of them will be a powerful help.
– Change your weapon whenever you need it: sword, pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, grenade, mine,… Kepler also has a decoy to distract the enemies or to get rid of them silently.
– Discover new galactic sectors and planets with Kepler’s spaceship, solve different puzzles in order to find your way through the space and to be able to collect all the trash and the collectible items.
– Kepler’s spaceship has abilities too, such as the turbo and the dash, and power-ups like the shield, turbo refill, etc. But it has a lot of weapons as well: lasers, missiles, mines, decoys, etc.
– If you can’t reach a planet with your ship, maybe you could jump from a closer spot with Kepler’s planetary jump ability!
– Go through platform stages with different themes such as noisy factories, dense jungles, mysterious castles, majestic temples and stinky dumps.
– Enjoy diverse stage types for both game mechanics such as: running stages, against time stages, pure platform stages, action-focused stages,…
– You will be able to talk with your ship partners, in order to discover their histories and to get missions to do. Furthermore, there will be characters to interact with through the galaxy.

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