The Deep End Games Perception Trailer

The Deep End Games who comprise of members from Irrational Games who developed the Bioshock games released a new announcement trailer for their forthcoming first person horror adventure game, Perception which has players assume the role of Cassie, a blind woman who enters a mysterious deserted house. The game is slated for release in 2016 and should prove to be pretty cool given the pedigree behind the developers. To help support the game’s developement, head on over to their Kickstarter campaign page.




About Perception:

After months of research seeking the house from her nightmares, Cassie discovers an abandoned mansion in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the Estate at Echo Bluff. Once there, Cassie finds that Echo Bluff is worse than she dreamed. A ghastly Presence has tormented its inhabitants over generations, and it now hunts Cassie. She must solve the estate’s mysteries or become one of its victims.

While Cassie doesn’t have an arsenal of weapons, she does have her wit, her cane and her smart phone. Armed with these tools, she’ll search for clues to unravel history as she navigates her way through the home via echolocation. But the house and its deadly Presence go to great lengths to prevent her from deciphering its secrets. And yet, they won’t let her leave either.

Surviving this deadly game of cat and mouse with the Presence proves especially perilous when your only way of seeing is by means of sound, and so you must carefully weigh the risk of making too much noise against the possibility of being discovered by the terrifying Presence. Once spotted, your only hope is to run, hide, and pray that it doesn’t find you. Cassie uses ambient sounds of the house as well, such as taking advantage of when the grandfather clock rings, or when a loud pipe whistles. She can throw objects and use items like alarms to create “sound bombs” to distract her enemies.

Cassie uses her smartphone to examine evidence left behind. And as she puts the pieces together, she’ll find herself jumping back in time.

Perception takes place over many different eras. You get to see the house retreat back to its origins and witness how it evolved over time. Through the decades and across generations, the house and its inhabitants change significantly. Architecture and décor evolve, entire wings and buildings come and go and alter your relationship with the space. Once you’ve discovered the source of evil in each generation, it’s your job to right the wrong.

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